Learn How To Make Bowls From Rope!

DIY Rope Bowl

Learn How To Make Bowls From Rope!

Ashley Rego

I’ve seen dishes constructed out of all sorts of things. From typical ceramic tableware to bowls made out of glitter, the crafts that people come up with never cease to amaze me.

So when I saw Robert Mahar’s tutorial on how to create bowls, cups and plates out of rope, I wasn’t necessarily shocked, but I was certainly intrigued!

There are only three basic materials you will need for this project: rope, a dish to use as your base form, and glue! With a coil of the rope and a little patience, you can make an adorable bowl! But don’t be tempted to pour your morning bowl of cereal into one of these colorful dishes. These bowls are better suited for less messy items such as keys or wrapped candies!

Get creative with the type of rope you choose – whether it be a lovely neutral cotton rope or a brightly colored nylon rope – the options are endless and will add the perfect splash of cuteness to any table, shelf, or dresser!

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