Learn How To Make Hawaiian Shave Ice From Jell-O!

Jello Shaved Ice

Learn How To Make Hawaiian Shave Ice From Jell-O!

Sophia Gioiello

It’s almost impossible not to give yourself a brain freeze with the sinfully sweet shave ice that sits on top of creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream. But we don’t blame you – there’s nothing quite like the refreshing treat of Hawaiian shave ice!

As much as we wish, we can’t all transport to the warm island breeze with the snap of a finger, but this recipe will leave you in a sugar-filled state of euphoria that makes you feel as if you’re enjoying the dessert along the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

Not only is this version of shave ice easy to make, it includes one little ingredient you have hiding in your kitchen cabinets. In the YouTube tutorial below, Todd shows us how to use Jell-O to make your own icy treat. He calls this dessert, “simply delish,” and we’re right there with him!

Follow the instructions below and let us know how yours comes out!

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