Learn How To Peel An Orange WITHOUT The Mess!

Learn How To Peel An Orange WITHOUT The Mess!

Ashley Rego

Without fail, every time I peel an orange, my hands turn into a sticky mess! The only way I’ve ever known to shed an orange from its skin is using my nails and just digging right in. Apparently theres a much easier (and less messy) way to peel this piece of citrus!

Using a knife and a spoon, this man shows us the simplest way to peel an orange. With one swift cut around the middle, and some quick digging with the back side of the spoon, your orange will pop right out of its skin, fully intact, and your hands juice free!

I can’t wait to try out this method. The best part about it? You can peel your orange at home using the required utensils, and then cart it along with you to eat later in the day, as it’s already removed skin acts as a to-go container!

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