Learn How To Make a Crop Top Out of Leggings!

Learn How To Make a Crop Top Out of Leggings!

Erika Carter

Trends may come and go, but thankfully DIY makes it easy to repurpose old items like novelty leggings. Does your daughter have an extra pair (or five!) of leggings laying around? You can easily breathe new life into them by turning them into a summer staple. See how it’s done in the short tutorial below, and read on for instructions.

Here’s what you’ll need: one pair of leggings and a pair of sharp scissors. That’s it!

First, begin by laying your leggings smooth and flat on a level surface. This is important, because you don’t want any ripples or wrinkles during these next steps. Next, fold the leggings in half lengthwise, one leg over the other. Make sure to pull them taught, so the section where each leg meets is folded evenly.

After that, make a small semi-circle shaped cut where the two legs meet. Take a look at the video below to see how she makes this cut. If you’re nervous of over-cutting, start small! You can always cut more after you try your crop top on.

And that’s it — it’s really that easy! The legs become the sleeves of your new crop top. The semi-circle shaped cut out is the top of your new shirt, where the neckline will lay. When you’re all set, slip the crop top on by putting the waistline edge of your leggings-turned-crop top over your head first. Then, slip both arms through the legs of the leggings. Pull your crop top down over and adjust as necessary. You can even cut the legs to make your crop top short sleeved.

Now that you’ve tried on your new DIY crop top, you can increase the size of the semi-circle cut to allow more room up top, or to cut the neckline to fit you better. This is a great way to repurpose those trendy leggings collecting dust in your daughter’s room. Better yet, show her how to do it herself!

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