8 Awesome Ways To Make Your Life Better With Legos!

Lego Hacks

8 Awesome Ways To Make Your Life Better With Legos!

Erika Carter

Did you know that you could use your child’s old Lego blocks for something useful (besides just building things)?

In this video, you will learn 8 life hacks using Lego blocks. These would be good for anyone who has kids that have gotten older and wouldn’t be playing with their blocks anymore… or just for someone who like Lego’s.

Hack #1- Lego Key Holders:

You can make these by cutting holes into single Lego blocks. Put a different color on each set of keys. Take a larger flat block and you can easily connect the single blocks (the ones attached to your keyring) to the large flat block. This is an easy way to keep track of your keys!

Hack #2- Cord Holders:

You can make these by taking any Lego character, attaching adhesive tape to either their backs or their feet and stick the characters to the side of a table or desk and they will hold your electronics cords for you.

Hack #3- Organization:

Instead of searching through a bucket to find the color of the blocks you need, use a shoe hanger (preferably the kind that hangs over a door) and sort the blocks out by color.

Hack #4- Cleaning Your Legos:

An easy way to keep your child’s Lego blocks clean is to put them inside of a mesh bag and either throw them in the washing machine or the dishwasher. The mesh bag will get them all cleaned but you won’t have blocks everywhere.

Hack #5- Lego Magnets:

You can easily turn your Lego blocks into magnets by using a hot glue gun to glue regular magnets to Lego blocks.

Hack #6- Lego USB:

Take a Lego block and cut the bottom out of it. Insert a USB drive into the cut out area, put hot glue on top of it and then place another block on top. You can easily hide this Lego USB drive by throwing it into a bag of regular Lego blocks.

Hack #7- Cell Phone Stand:

Use the Lego blocks to build yourself a cell phone stand. Why pay for a stand when you can build one with blocks you already have?

Hack #8- Gift Decoration:

You can take acrylic paints and dip the bottom of Lego blocks in the paint to use the blocks as stamps for the box of the gift you are trying to give. This makes any gift special and unique.

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