He Turns His Pancakes Into a Masterpiece With This Leopard Pancake!

He Turns His Pancakes Into a Masterpiece With This Leopard Pancake!

Angela Markus

Good art never ceases to amaze us, but it’s when an artist combines art with an unusual twist that we’re truly left in awe! Randombreakfasts combines art and food and creates a mouthwatering masterpiece in this video.

The artist/chef uses a griddle to create one of the most ingenious ways to make a pancake. When you think of a leopard pancake, what comes to mind? Maybe a spotted pancake of sprinkles or blueberries? For me, the last thing was of an actual shape of a leopard, but this talented artist was sincere!

The artist uses special squeeze bottles. Sweet Creations decorating bottles with stainless steel frosting tips, icing bottles, translucent bottles, and condiments bottles. A 14” by 15” griddle, silicone flexible pancake turners, and a chef mega lifter. The tools may seem simple. That is because the true art is derived from the talent of the artist and time.

Watch how this artist carefully crafts a pancake drawn on a griddle to look like a real leopard. After he finishes his drawing, he flips his art-piece for us to see the real drawing. Incredible!

Artists must be able to envision the end-result before it is produced. Want to try yourself? Take a non-stick 14 x 15 inch skillet and vary the heat between 325 and 425 degrees. Use cake decorating bottle, and fill with a commercial pancake mix. You would want to thin the pancake mix with milk. Add cocoa powder to part of the mix for my mid-tones and darker outlines.

To create bigger pancakes, use a cake lifter from the Pampered Chef to flip. It works well and would keep your newly decorated pancakes whole.

Once you perfect your technique, you can try many different animals or designs. I bet your kids are going to love this breakfast!

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