Her Heartwarming Letter To Her Single Mom Will Make You Cry

Her Heartwarming Letter To Her Single Mom Will Make You Cry

Angela Markus

Although Mother’s Day is not even close, parents should be celebrated each and every day. A little reminder of how amazing they are may mean more to them than we know. 

Some parents tend to underestimate their parenting skills. Many may feel overwhelmed and view their performance as inadequate. But to those that matter the most, to their children, parents are Superheros. That is the premise of Minute Maid’s tear-jerking “Doin’ Good” campaign.

The ad asks moms and dads to gauge their performance as parents. Surprisingly, the parents are candid. One widow discusses how the job has changed since losing her husband to cancer. She says the job now poses challenges and that she often questions whether her daughter is getting what she needs.

Then, it was her daughter’s turn. Get ready for the tears. As she pens a touching letter to her mom, she explains how her dad died and what she learned from support groups. Not to mention how incredibly her mom is.

Mom can’t hold back her tears as she reads the letter and… so can’t I. This ad allows parents to obtain a new perspective on how they’re handling their parenting skills. Just when you think, who needs another commercial to make you cry?, Minute Maid nails it with an appreciation for the best people on Earth.

Parents, how do you think you are doing?

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