This Man Lost His Wife to Cancer – Two Years Later She Sends Him a Miracle

This Man Lost His Wife to Cancer – Two Years Later She Sends Him a Miracle

Erika Carter

David Schmitz lost his wife Brenda in 2011 to ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in January of that year and passed away in September of that same year.

Brenda was only 46-years-old when she died and left behind her loving husband David and four sons.

After her death, David kept seeings signs all around him that reminded him of her. He knew that she was always around and looking out for him and the kids.

On the day she died, when there hadn’t been rain in five weeks, there was a double rainbow in the sky.

Her and her youngest son’s favorite song was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.


He would also see other things, like seagulls (Brenda’s favorite bird) in the sky, that made him feel like she was there with him. But on this certain day two years later, Brenda really reminded David of her presence.

David was a guest on the Star 102.5 radio show to talk about Brenda, his family and where they are now, and his recent engagement to a wonderful woman named Jane. What David didn’t know though is that Brenda had written a letter to the Star 102.5 station before she died. She gave this letter to a close friend to hold on to until the day David found love again.

Brenda, pictured below, wanted to wait until the timing was just right — until David found a woman who would be his companion and a mother to their four boys.


After David proposed to his fiancé Jane, the friend who was holding on to the letter knew the time was right.

So, she reached out to Star 102.5, told them the story and gave them letter. Every year this radio station fulfills Christmas wishes for those who need it most. Brenda had a Christmas wish she wanted fulfilled for David and his new family.

In this letter she requested many things for her family, the first was a day of pampering for David’s new love. In the letter Brenda said, “she deserves it, being a stepmother to all those boys.”


She also asked for the radio station to send the family on a trip to Disney World, where they could create new and amazing memories together.


Lastly, she requested that all the doctors and nurses who treated her have a night of fun out on the town!


When the radio station received this letter they were so moved they knew they had to make Brenda’s wishes come true. They teamed up with local companies and the community to make each of her wishes a reality! Watch the heartwarming video below where David first hears about all this.

I barely made it through one minute before I started tearing up. The courage it must’ve took for her to write that letter and the immense amount of love Brenda and David shared is truly astounding.

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