Her Owner is Trying To Sleep In, But Lexi The Dog Has Other Plans!

Her Owner is Trying To Sleep In, But Lexi The Dog Has Other Plans!

Erika Carter

Have you ever been woken up by one of your animals that felt like you needed to be awake right that minute? In this short and sweet little video we meet Lexi! This sweet big fluffy dog really wants her daddy to be up and out of bed.

Her dad looks to be very tired and just wanting to continue on with his rest. Lexi sits next to his head until he turns to look at her. When he looks at her she proceeds to sniff around his nose. He affectionately gives her a kiss and goes back to sleep.

You hear a muffled laugh from behind the camera. Lexi’s mommy, we would assume, as she watches Lexi continue to try and wake up her dad. After he turns his head back away, she then puts her paw back on his chest and waits for him to turn his head back to her once more.

When he does she sniffs his nose and gives him a kiss. He says thank you and proceeds to sleep again. Lexi is not having this! After trying again to get her dad to turn his head to look at her to no avail she decides he needs to listen!

She puts her paw on her dad’s mouth and pulls his face towards her. Again we hear more laughing from behind the camera as we are watching Lexi trying to wake up her daddy! She gets him to turn a little but then he gets out from under her claw and turns back. She places her paw back on his chest and continues to paw at him until he looks at her. His eyes open for just a few seconds and Lexi thinks she has won!

She sniffs his face and her dad tells her that he’s had enough. He tells her that she can stop now. However, the look on Lexis’ face will tell you that she surely has not had enough! This is just too funny!

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