5 Things to Make From Light Bulbs

5 Things to Make From Light Bulbs

Angela Markus

When you think of lightbulbs, you think of one thing right? Light! But Shake the Future lights up our mind with repurposing bulbs into brilliant and mind-boggling ideas. You are in for a treat.

First, he demonstrates how to clear out a light bulb. With a utility knife (use glasses and goggles), he separates the contact from the black glass. He takes pliers to remove the detached contact, and uses a screwdriver to work out the black glass finishing the job with the pliers. He uses it again to break off the tube and a bigger screwdriver to remove the stem. After clearing out the inner glass, he washes it out.

He shows us where to store our ever so messy paperclips. The next idea is surprisingly fascinating. He uses a cookie cutter for the base, fills the bulb with water and adds a flower. Unbelievable!

Next, he uses a bulb with the stem intact, glues a string to a solar garden light, and glues the bulb to it. It will charge during the day, and at night, it becomes a night light.

We know bulbs emit light, but not like this. With a high-temperature sealant, he glues a washer to a bulb, adds fuel, and a wick. The result is illuminating.

Finally, he gets a worm and puts a screw in it. He fills the bulb with instamorph (moldable plastic) and bakes it for a few minutes. After a filled bulb, he pushes the worm inside and allows it to cool. After a run under cold water, he breaks the bulb and the result—a lightbulb corkscrew.

This man is a genius!

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