Little Boy Breaks Down in Church During Gospel Song

Little Boy Breaks Down in Church During Gospel Song

Erika Carter

Music has a way of truly being able to touch people. Songs can trigger memories, inspire emotions, lift people up, or bring people down. Yes, music speaks to all people, and no one proves that better than this little boy who was filmed crying during church.

Performing in the youth choir and surrounded by his friends, one little fellow let the music really get to him — and it was so powerful that he broke down in tears mid-song. It’s unclear what exactly caused the tears.

There’s no telling whether it was the music, the words, the fellowship, the friendship, or perhaps he just had a lot on his mind, but one thing’s for certain, if you need to have a good cry or you just have a lot on your mind and need to get it out, church is a good place to be.

While his friends around him seem a bit confused, I’m sure he was taken off stage soon after the video stopped recording and asked if he was alright. But, hey, there’s nothing embarrassing about letting the music get to you.

We all get emotional now and then, and as I said before, there’s no place better to have your come-to-Jesus-moment than in church. Here’s to hoping this little guy is all better now.

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