Little Boy Catches Fish With His Hands!

Little Boy Catches Fish With His Hands!

Angela Markus

If you’ve ever gone fishing, you know just how hard it can be. Sometimes, you can sit there all day and not even spot a splash in the water. The little boy in this video decided to take this hard task into his own hands — literally. While fishing on a dock with his family little Jack can see a huge brown fish in the water below and decided that he has to have that fish!

So Jack runs down the dock with his little blue fishing net determined to catch that fish. He sits down to take off his shoes and he is very afraid that the fish will swim away. After taking his shoes off on the dock he runs down to the shore line with his net. He starts running into the water after the fish, but clearly the fish is swimming for its dear life! Finally, after a few tries to capture it, Jack chases it under the dock.

The family tells him to go under the dock and keep at it, not expecting what’s about to happen next. So little Jack takes off and goes under the dock. He sees the fish swimming further and further out into the water and he’s afraid it will get away from him. His family tells him to go after the fish calmly. He then chases him up onto the sand where the fish is flopping around. Jack attempts to pick up the fish several times as it is flopping on the sand. Jack doesn’t give up though! Eventually he gets it in his hands and holds it up for everyone to see!

This determined little boy managed to catch a fish with his bare hands by chasing it ashore. No one expected it to happen and telling by their cheers and laughter, they’re thrilled!

Never underestimate a determined little boy. They can do just about anything!

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