Little Boy Attempts To Hula Hoop For The First Time

Little Boy Attempts To Hula Hoop For The First Time

Angela Markus

When Arthur K. “Spud”, and Richard Knerr invented the hula hoop in the 50s, they knew children and adults all over the world would enjoy the toy for decades to come. I am sure they never envisioned such hilarity could come from one young boy attempt to master the toy. Often times, it’s the little things in life that mean the most. Those accidental moments are often the most memorable, just ask JC’s family.

America’s Funniest Home videos are known to brighten our day with some of the most comical moments caught on camera. This clip of JC having a ball with a hula hoop tops them all. While one little girl showed off her hula hoop skills for her dad, her baby brother JC wanted to be part of the fun. So he went up to his sister requesting a turn at it.

The dad stops the little girl and tells her “let JC have a turn.” Here’s where the clip goes from cute to unbelievably funny. When JC picks up the hula hoop, he has no idea how to actually use it. He just puts it on the ground and shakes his butt like it’s nobody’s business!

It’s totally ok if you watch it over and over, the video is that hilarious.

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