Little Boy Struggles With Whether or Not He Wants To Be In Time Out

Little Boy Struggles With Whether or Not He Wants To Be In Time Out

Angela Markus

Your toddlers are new to the world. Everything is in the exploratory phase. They are busy trying to figure out feelings and emotions, and things might get a little overwhelming for them at times. Toddlers can scream and shout and stamp their feet just because their day isn’t going as plan. Tantrums, crying out loud, and many other emotions and behaviors, all that make those dramatic years called childhood.

Parents will agree that having a child is not easy, but it is sure worth it. Having a toddler in the terrible-twos stage is even harder, and offers new insight on patience.

There are many reasons why being a toddler is the hardest job ever and deciding on wanting a time-out or not is one of them. For this little man, he seems to be having a tough day. First he wants time out, but then again, maybe not. While dad patiently tries to understand what is happening to his little one, he figures it is just one of those days.

He seems to make the same noise for every question Dad asks. We know it could be stress because when dad offers a hug he declines. It is pretty hard not to laugh at his confusion, but then again, this is the reason why kids are so unbelievably adorable.

I know some of you remember days like these with your toddlers.

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