Little Dog Hates His New Shoes, But We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Little Dog Hates His New Shoes, But We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Angela Markus

When winter winds come knocking accompanied by the high mounds of snow, we are the first to grab that heavy overcoat, a hat and boots.  It’s a common misconception that dogs are equipped by nature with fur coats and a higher body temperature than humans, but these little guys need accessories in cold temperatures. They sometimes need items such as sweaters, coats and booties, just like we do.

Although those sled dogs who spend their days training for the Iditarod might not, I can assure you that dogs with short or thin coats or those with certain size or health limitations need protection from the cold. But they may not like the accessories and are likely to do what it takes to avoid the discomfort. Like this little fellow. Trying to get him prepared for the season, his owners got him some brand new boots. When he tried it on, he has a very comedic reaction. Can you tell, he is not as pleased?

I’ve seen some dogs do amazing things, like learn to smile, sing, do whatever it takes to get their teddy bear close, but what this dog does to avoid wearing his snow boots is unlike anything I have ever seen before. He definitely got creative in avoiding using his boots. He surely needs a treat for this one!

How do your dog react to accessories?

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