Little Girl Argues With Her Dad About Dating and It’s Hilarious!

Little Girl Argues With Her Dad About Dating and It’s Hilarious!

Angela Markus

Little girls are grown women in little bodies. After this seeing this little lady, I am convinced of that. Watch this heart-warming moment when a little girl tried to convince her father she needed a boyfriend.

Dad’s little princess says she wants to date because her “heart needs love every day,” and that she has chosen the superhero Spiderman as the object of her affection “because he’s handsome.” Understandably surprised by his daughter’s request, Dad repeatedly tells her she is too young. Then the two commence a brief debate.

Wearing a pink long-sleeved top and cupcake-printed bottoms, this little brunette interrupts her father who is reading at the dining room table. When she asks, “Dad, can I have a boyfriend?” Dad looks up and immediately says no. She replied, “I just need some love to happen,” throwing her arms out to the side in an attempt to emphasize her point.

Smiling slightly at his daughter’s insistence, the man says gently, “I don’t know about that, honey.” She then goes in telling her father who she thinks is handsome and who she wants to marry. Her patient father responds, “I don’t think so. You’re too young.”

Finally ready to compromise, the little girl says, “Well, I said marry him when I’m older.” Her father agrees, “Yeah, much older.”

Hilarious is an understatement.

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