Young Girl Gets Into Mom’s Makeup and Then Cuts Her Own Hair

Young Girl Gets Into Mom’s Makeup and Then Cuts Her Own Hair

Angela Markus

It is probably embedded in our DNA, but little girls love makeovers and messing with mom’s makeup. Their fantasy allows them to experiment and be themselves with no rules, and it definitely affords them the freedom to be messy. But sometimes that thrill can quickly turn into a nightmare. Like when your daughter decides to take a pair of scissors to her hair.

When kids cut their own hair it can be devastating. The reasons why they do it can make a mom or dad scream, laugh, or cry. Many parents have been faced with the shocking discovery of the result of their child cutting their own hair, and this is what that looks like.

The tiny stylist holds a section of her bangs and gets rid of more than a few strands. It is also evident that she had some fun with mom’s lipstick.

Although this is never a pleasant situation to come across, as small children rarely make good hairdressers, the better question is how to prevent it from happening.  This little one was just ready for a new look!

I can only imagine her parents’ facial expressions when they see her handiwork.

Did you ever do this when you were younger?

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