Sassy Little Girl Explains Why She Doesn’t Need To Go To School

Sassy Little Girl Explains Why She Doesn’t Need To Go To School

Angela Markus

Parents just don’t understand.

Ask any child school age why they don’t like school and they will produce a laundry list. All parents want their kids to do their best and achieve the most they can in life, and usually that starts with going to school. Naturally, the parent might get anxious about this responsibility. Parents do not want to see their kids play all of the time; they want them to do work. Like this concerned dad. The problem is, his daughter has the most amazing reasoning as to why she can wait another year for that.

Joanna Limoline aka JoJo is a pragmatic little girl. She understands that her dad is not a king, she is not a princess and politely explained to why. Apparently, it has everything to do with not having enough sparkly bracelets and headbands, which is a totally legit argument. Now, she lets him know with all of the hand gestures in the world why “Not more school, not more work.”

Whenever he tries to interject, she puts him on hold. And how could you argue with her. Dad is relentless with his plea but as sassy little one dismisses him with the attitude of a teenager.

Since her viral “I’m Not A Princess” video, this little lawyer in the making has been filling our hearts with boundless laughter.

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