She Walks On The Dance Floor and Does Something You Never Even Saw Coming!

She Walks On The Dance Floor and Does Something You Never Even Saw Coming!

Angela Markus

“Phoenix Lil Mini”, a 10-year-old freestyle dancer, is quickly becoming a dance sensation among her YouTube followers and growing fan base. This young talent has been deemed as having more swag than most. Audiences can view her special dancing talents on YouTube and other social media sites.

Her latest hit is of her new moves set to the tune of the hip hop song “Truffle Butter” by Nicki Minaj featuring Drake. Her performance is a unique and talent filled freestyle dance that captures her audience and leaves them in awe. This video was captured after a dance class, and the young dancer completely freestyled the entire video. The audience is impressed with her swag filled performance and ability to seamlessly transition from one move to the next while dancing perfectly with the beat of the music.

The fact that this young dancer is able to not only perform her dances with amazing style, but freestyle her moves on the spot is quite impressive. She leaves all of her viewers in astonishment that she is able to perform in such a talented way at her young age.

There are many videos of “Phoenix Lil Mini” performing posted on the internet, and her fan base is quickly growing. With her name and face being promoted on all of the social media sites, as well as her fantastic dance videos, she is quickly becoming a well-known freestyle artist, and hasn’t even hit her teens.

There is no doubt that with the talent this young performer possesses, we will be seeing a lot more of her unique and special talents in the future.

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