Little Girl Offers Her Teddy To Officer For Protection

Little Girl Offers Her Teddy To Officer For Protection

Angela Markus

Police officers rarely do not get the kudos they deserve, let alone gifts for protecting their communities. While Mississippi Police Officer Josh McConnell was working in the Gulfport area, he came across a little girl that offered him the most heartfelt token of appreciation.

The little girl was with her mom, and the two walked up to the police officer. She was maybe 3 or 4, and in her hand was her teddy bear. Josh wrote about the occurrence on his Facebook page. “I heard her mother tell the little girl to tell me,” he scribed. “I turned and asked what I could do for her and she hands me her bear.”

The little girl gave Officer McConnell her fuzzy brown teddy bear. “I tried to give it back but she refused,” he wrote. “She looked up at me and said it was to keep me safe.”

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According to local reports, this little guardian angel has law enforcement officers in her family, and she wants to make sure all policemen are kept safe. Obviously, her teddy bear’s the only one up to the task. Officer McConnell thanked the little girl, and put the bear on his passenger seat. The teddy bear has been on patrol ever since.

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He wrote, “What a way to make the day better. I did not get her name but she said they were from Texas.”

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I am sure that teddy bear is helping to keep the streets safe!

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