Little Girls Steals The Show By Singing With Her Father

Little Girls Steals The Show By Singing With Her Father

Angela Markus

Children are amazing for many reasons. Taking care of them might be a little tiring at times, but it is all worth it in the end. You never know what goes on in their tiny minds, and when they can, they will surprise you in the best ways possible! Just watch this little prima donna.

Eduard Pazhik is a classically trained singer. When he decided to perform on a street corner, he brought his little girl along for the adventure.¬†However, I don’t think he was ready for her to steal the show!

Eduard was filmed singing in a public market in Cracow, Poland. His young daughter, in the stroller next to him, decided to showcase her talent as well and in doing so, adds a heartwarming dynamic to his performance. As Eduard belts outs his majestic notes, he is joined by little Marianna.. Without hesitation, she steals the show from her father and is immediately adored by the people in attendance.

The little girl sits in a stroller with a red jacket and white hat and sings just as passionately as her father (if not more). People passing by become excited at the duo, and and celebrates the two with applause.

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