Adorable Little Girl Is Terrified Of Her Shadow

Adorable Little Girl Is Terrified Of Her Shadow

Erika Carter

Little kids are unintentionally hilarious. Because they don’t know any better, they often say and do absolutely absurd things, all to the adults’ around them amusement. What can we say? Kids really say and do the darndest things and sometimes you just can’t help but laugh. 

While walking with her daughter in a parking lot on a sunny day, a mother recorded her daughter catching her shadow “following” her. For whatever reason, this little girl did NOT like it. In fact, it pretty much scared the bejesus out of her.

Though it seems mean to laugh at a terrified child, it’s hard not to bust out laughing when you see a tiny little kid in a puffy pink jacket screaming her head off over her own shadow. We don’t know how the mom didn’t lose it. If I had been there, I probably would’ve been doubled over on the ground!

Poor baby! Life is just full of surprises…

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