Adorable Little Girl Dances With Dad To Her Favorite Country Song

Adorable Little Girl Dances With Dad To Her Favorite Country Song

Angela Markus

Little kids love to play dress up. Whether it is in their favorite shoes, Halloween customs or froufrou, little ones love to expand their fashion imaginations while having loads of fun.

I remember my days of dress up. It was not that long ago, but I would pretend I was in front of a massive sold-out stadium singing my favorite songs. My microphone was a brush and my stuffed animals were my audience.

I’m pretty sure this little girl gets me…

This doll is decked in cowboy boots, sunglasses and a red hat. Can you guess what she’s about to rock out to? That’s right, our favorite country song, Miranda Lambert’s Little Red Wagon!

Complete with dancing moves and lip-syncing, the solo act soon becomes a duet when dad jumps in and leaves us all in stitches!

Dad and his little girl take turns jamming on a pink guitar and little-miss -thing has no problems reminding you that “you ain’t riding in my little red wagon,” with her sass.

This is not the first rodeo for the little superstar. The daddy and daughter team has a YouTube channel where they perform all of the hot dances from country to pop to hip hop. Check it out– you’ll love it!

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