A Desperate Plea On A Car Window Ended Up Saving This Woman’s Life … You Won’t Believe How

A Desperate Plea On A Car Window Ended Up Saving This Woman’s Life … You Won’t Believe How

Patrick Dangermond

A woman is getting a second chance at life thanks to one message on a windshield and a very generous father.

Christine Royles, mother of a 2 year-old, was diagnosed with lupus in 2013 which caused her to suffer liver failure.

She was added to the liver donor list in July 2014, but sadly, without any success.

So, she decided to try a new tactic – one that was highly unusual but unique enough that it just may work.

With a bright, white paint, she transcribed a message on the windshield of her car. Little did she know, this message would ultimately end up changing her life for the better.


Although this was a bit of a risk, she was desperate. She changed the message once a week. It wasn’t until she brought up her two year-old son that she caught someone’s attention.

Josh Dall-Leighton was taking his family to dinner when he noticed the words scrawled on the car. At that moment, he knew what he had to do.

“He doesn’t think any child should be without a mother—that’s the first thing he said when he saw it,” said Ashley Dall-Leighton of her husband. Here’s a photo of the two of them.



Josh, a 30 year-old corrections officer was one of 50 people that were tested to give a kidney to Christine, and the only one that came back a perfect match.

“It’s really amazing because he has three kids, he’s the sole provider. He’s got a young family and he’s just going to take time off to do something for a random person—I think it’s pretty crazy,” said Christine.

Josh will have to take six weeks of unpaid leave off but never once regretted the decision. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Josh’s family while he’s incapacitated.

This is an incredible story of one man who rose above and beyond to help a total stranger.

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