These Long Lost Lovers Reunite Through Art — And It’s Beautiful

These Long Lost Lovers Reunite Through Art — And It’s Beautiful

Erika Carter

Time is a funny thing. Constantly moving forward, changing everything affected by its passage — except love. When deep and true, time leaves love as unchanged as the memories of a first kiss.

Such was the case with Marina and Ulay. Thirty years ago, their love burned deep; ignited with all the passion and excitement two young artists could manifest. But, their union could not last.

Heartbroken at the impossibility of their continued affair, they agreed to meet one last time. Each would travel from opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and meet in the middle for a final embrace. Afterward, they went their separate ways, never to see each other again.

Thirty years later, Marina sat alone at a table in the middle of a crowded room. Her flaming red gown cascaded to the floor, pooling around her feet. A long, black braid hangs over one shoulder. Though she sat alone, she was hardly by herself.

As a part of her Museum of Modern Art exhibit, Marina sat across from strangers, one by one, and stared at them for one minute in silence. Though, the next to come forward was hardly a stranger.

He approached the table, nervously adjusting his lapels, sat down and waited. Once she sensed the stranger had settled, Marina looked up to begin the moment of silence – and instantly she knew.

It was the love she had last seen thirty years prior. The love she had painfully embraced with heartbreaking finality at the Great Wall. It was Ulay. Seconds passed, and as the truth of the moment grew, so did her emotion. Her eyes filled with tears, her lips trembled and she reached for him. They held hands, meeting at the middle in a moment filled with emotion, just as they had done thirty years before.

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