This Looks Like Your Ordinary Caboose. But Once You Take A Step Inside- MIND BLOWN!

This Looks Like Your Ordinary Caboose. But Once You Take A Step Inside- MIND BLOWN!

Genevieve Lopez

Izaak Walton Inn was first established in 1939, when the Great Northern Railway placed a stop in Essex, Montana. Nestled in Glacier National Park, this ideal resting stop attracted tourists from all across the lands for not only it’s incredible scenery, but for it’s unique locomotive style of lodging. Still standing strong, this family-owned retreat is still offering a truly lavish Glacier Park experience, allowing travelers from all over the world to lodge in one of their luxurious rail cars. Just wait till you see what’s on the inside!


The GN X215 is one of the oldest cabooses of The Izaak Walton Inn, but it’s managed to become a favorite place to dwell amongst travelers.


In the belly of the GN x215 caboose lies a beautiful, modern dwelling with a fully equipped kitchen. 


A family of up to six can relax in the cozy renovated rooms with two sets of bunk beds and master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, keeping warm with a gas fireplace. 


Floors are also heated to comfortably house families in the midst of winter. 


At the Izaak Walton Inn, relaxation is key. Televisions and telephones are absent and beds and pillows are especially plush. 


For locomotive buffs, the GN 441 caboose is especially attracting. If you thought the GN x215 caboose was amazing, just wait till you see what this beast has to offer!


With it’s wide windows and amazing views, the GN 441 is an ideal place to appreciate nature while cozying up in the comfort of a warm home. 


It’s rustic details make for a authentic feel, as the 400-year-old reclaimed oak floor accents the space exceptionally well. 


The renovated, wide-spaced kitchen is the perfect spott cooking up some fresh, river-caught trout. 


And if these amazing places to stay don’t cut it, choose from a variety of other converted cars, like the Blue, Orange or Green Caboose! 





Take your traveling experiencing back in time through American history and aboard an experience like no other!

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