A Father Gets a Card From His Late Son That Was Lost In The Mail For 26 Years

A Father Gets a Card From His Late Son That Was Lost In The Mail For 26 Years

Erika Carter

Every parents’ nightmare is having their children pass away before them. Unfortunately, this nightmare was a reality for Duane Schrock of Virginia.

Schrock’s son died of AIDS at just 45-years-old. Before his death this father-son relationship was strained. Schrock had a hard time accepting his son’s homosexuality and as a result, the two hadn’t talked in awhile.

So you can imagine the shock and surprise Duane felt when he received a Father’s Day card in the mail from his son … 20 years after his death. ABC7 reports that his son mailed Schrock the card in 1989.

But Schrock moved across the country multiple times, so the card had to be forwarded and returned to sender numerous times before finally reaching him 26 years later. Ironically enough, this late card arrived at Schrock’s current Lynchburg home just a few days before Father’s Day.

Not only is the father in utter awe and amazement at getting a card from his late son, but his faith in the postal service is also restored. He told ABC7 News, “Somebody picked up the ball and carried it. After all these years, they must have forwarded it.”

This card says:

Dear Dad, we haven’t been in touch for quite a while, I’m doing fine and am very happy in Richmond, I’d like to hear from you. Have a Happy Father’s Day, Love Duane.

Schrock says he believes this card is a divine message saying his son has found peace in Heaven.

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