She Went To See A Movie With Her Family. What Happened Next Changed Her Life

She Went To See A Movie With Her Family. What Happened Next Changed Her Life

Bethany Burrows

Every girl dreams of her proposal day. The day when the rest of her life will change and her short answer of “YES” (hopefully) will be something she can tell friends, family and strangers for years to come. It will be her own fairytale come true. In some ways her knight and shining armor has arrived and down on one knee he has successfully rescued her from spending the rest of her life alone.

Everything about this couple’s engagement is truly unique. This future groom decided to spice up his engagement to Amy. The two had been dating for over six years and as they talk about each other you can sense the love between them. He wanted to do something special for Amy, something she would never see coming. He was able to get a bunch of his friends together and make a video clip just for her to capture and create a beautiful unique engagement.

As the video starts you hear the song “Rude” by Magic begin. Amy is sitting in a cinema after the trailers while she is on a seemingly normal date with her sister and brother-in-law. The groom to be had snuck out to ‘go to the bathroom’ and the video unfolds. Amy is caught between laughter and tears as she watches her boyfriend be rejected by her father after numerous attempts to ask for her hand in marriage. Between buying new clothing, upgrading his car, studying to become smarter, and working out he inches his way into the heart of Amy’s father. Finally at the end we see him running through the cinema and grabbing the bouquet of flowers from Amy’s father. The video ends, the lights turn on and down he walks.

Amy, will you marry me? Doesn’t your heart just melt?! Amy, although a little embarrassed, places her hands on her face and says YES!

Although this engagement will be written in the books as VERY unique the love this young couple has for each other shines more than anything else. Cheers to their future!

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