George Is About To Blow Your Mind With His Incredible Magic Trick! Wait For It…

George Is About To Blow Your Mind With His Incredible Magic Trick! Wait For It…

Angela Markus

Everyone will agree with me, magic tricks are awesome! Even cooler is seeing kids perform mind-boggling illusions that are out of this world! Watch this 11-year old named George perform a trick that would leave you asking, how did he do that?

George starts off the trick by politely asking his little sister to choose a card from a full deck and sign her name onto it. In true magician fashion, George looks away as the young lady signs the six of hearts.

After what seems like forever, the young lady returns the card to George and he continues his trick. He shuffles the deck and asks his sister to utter stop when she is ready. Almost immediately, she stops the shuffling and follows instructions. George’s sister returns her signed card into the pack and George puts the pack back together.

George explains what he is doing, which is waving his hand over the deck of cards and looking for her card. He comes across a card that has clearly been in the sun for way too long. The card is a different color to the other cards in the pack, and the one that the little lady signed.

Miraculously, the card that has been in the sun too long is the same six of hearts signed by his sister. I was shocked, and so was the uncle behind the camera.

George removes the card from the pack and places it on the piano seat next to him. He shuffles the deck again and asks the young lady to say stop when she is ready. The cutie pie spells it out this time. Hilarious!

He chooses a five of hearts card and signs his initials. George loses the card in the deck and gives it a good, fancy shuffle. He looks for another red card but is out of luck. He asks his uncle to check the card on the piano seat. Low and behold, it is the red five of hearts he signed with his initials. What?! Amazing!

Yep, I had to watch this twice to believe it, too.
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