This Magpie Laughs Exactly Like a Little Girl. Cute or Creepy?

This Magpie Laughs Exactly Like a Little Girl. Cute or Creepy?

Angela Markus

Birds can talk, sing, dance and do a lot of funny things that keep us humans entertained. This magpie takes entertainment to a whole new level!

A woman was sitting by her window, admiring the many different types of birds before her. Suddenly, a colorful magpie lands on her window sill and pays her a visit.

She plays with the magpie and it’s clear this morning routine is something they both look forward to. Out of nowhere, the bird makes the most amusing and compelling sounds. As she tickles the bird, it makes the sound of a laughing little girl. Listen again! No, it is not someone laughing in the background, it is the bird.

The magpie walks along the edge of the window scanning its surroundings and enjoying tickles from the woman. It then ventures, flying into the house landing on the chair, all while making this peculiar noise.

Magpies are amazing creatures. The magpie in this video is black-billed and well known for being an entertaining bird. This social creature is a large and flashy relative to jays and crows. Clearly they are vocal birds and keep up a regular stream of raucous or querulous calls.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology says that Black-billed magpies have been known to be associated with people for quite some time. Perhaps this magpie recently socialized with a little girl, because when you hear its laugh, you’ll think it’s human!

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