How To Make Breakfast Lasagna!

How To Make Breakfast Lasagna!

Ashley Rego

When you think of lasagna you probably start to salivate over the thought of bubbly mozzarella, rich tomato sauce, creamy ricotta and tender pasta. Ah yes, a side of garlicky toasted bread and tall glass of aromatic red wine – you’ve got yourself the perfect dinner. 

Now what if I suggested lasagna for breakfast? Chances are, you’d crinkle up your nose and shoot me a look of disgust, because there’s something about pasta and breakfast that just don’t seem to mix well for most (we beg to differ!).

But I’m not referring to your typical cheesy, marinara-filled lasagna. Nope, I’m talking about a big, hearty casserole dish filled with all of your breakfast necessities. From scrambled eggs to pancakes and bacon, this “one dish wonder” has got it all!

Chef Eric Greenspan joins POPSUGAR to introduce us to a breakfast mashup that is guaranteed to start off any day on the right foot (that is, if you can even stand)!

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