Make Homemade Sprinkles From Skittles Candy!

DIY Skittles Sprinkles

Make Homemade Sprinkles From Skittles Candy!

Ashley Rego

If you asked me to describe my perfect sundae, it would undoubtedly involve a hefty scoop of colorful sprinkles. Those little morsels of sugary goodness don’t only add tremendous flavor, they make any indulgent treat look that much prettier!

I usually have a jar of rainbow sprinkles in my cabinet, although I do go through these vibrant containers fairly quickly! But when these jars come to their dismal end, never did I even consider making my own!

Using a bag of candy we already know and love, MyCupcakeAddiction teaches us how to transform Skittles into homemade sprinkles – the perfect topping to any cake, cupcake or ice cream treat!

By using a food processor to ground up the Skittles to a wonderfully sandy texture and then drying out the mix in the oven, you can create the perfect consistency for a gorgeous, shimmery powder that could replace normal sprinkles any day!

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