How To Make Ice Cream Drumsticks At Home!

How To Make Ice Cream Drumsticks At Home!

Ashley Rego

One of my fondest summertime memories of when I was little girl is chasing down that melodic ice cream truck, fervently waving a dollar bill in my hand, giddy with excitement. The truck comes to a halt and I hop on over to the ledge, eagerly standing on my tiptoes as the ice cream man stretches his head over the counter. Without hesitation I order my favorite icy snack – a Nestle Drumstick!

If you’ve ever chomped down on one of those chocolate covered ice cream treats, you fully understand why these classic bars hold a special place in my memory! 

From the crunchy, surgery cone to the creamy, rich ice cream, all the way to the brittle, chocolatey shell – this traditional dessert is always a summertime hit! This summer, you don’t have to wait for the ice cream truck to blair its catchy tune to indulge in your favorite drumstick treat. You can make a homemade version of the frozen classic right in your very own kitchen!

Follow the easy instructions below and add your own creative flair to the final product by topping off your Nestle-inpsired drumstick with whatever sweet garnish you prefer!

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