How To Make Lego Gummy Candy!

Lego Gummy Candy

How To Make Lego Gummy Candy!

Ashley Rego

They look like typical Lego pieces from afar, a variety of vibrant colors in that familiar rectangular, block-like shape. But look a little closer and you begin to notice there’s something a bit…different…about these Legos.

These transparent Legos aren’t made from the ordinary plastic that we usually associate the beloved toy with- nope! These Legos are of a much more squishy texture!

That’s right, these sticky, gooey Lego blocks are actually made from Jell-O, which means they’re 100% edible! Has there ever been a treat more perfect for the kids than this?!

By mixing Jell-O, Gelatine and corn syrup, you’ve got yourself one tasty concoction that will mold into whatever form you choose – in this case – Legos! The King Of Random teaches us how to pour the concoction into rectangular Lego molds (which can easily be purchased online). After placing a Lego base plate brushed with vegetable oil on top, in a few hours you are left with Lego gummies that are not only functional, but completely safe to snack on!

These Lego gummy candies are sure to be a hit at my son’s next birthday party! SHARE the love and pass it on!