How To Make A Pizza Cake!

Pizza Cake

How To Make A Pizza Cake!

Ashley Rego

Nerdy Nummies is at it again with this genius cake recipe that might leave those enjoying it scratching their heads!

While it aromatically smells like cake…and satisfyingly tastes like cake…this recipe certainly doesn’t look like cake!

With a few tricks of the trade, our favorite YouTube personality Rosanna Pansino takes a simple cake recipe and transforms it into a tasty pizza look-a-like!

By replacing pizza’s traditional toppings with those of a sweeter variety, this pizza cake is the perfect thing to take your dessert to the next level. Red frosting as sauce, white chocolate shavings as grated cheese, black licorice as olives, fruit leather as pepperoni – the pizza resemblance is uncanny!

One bite into this pizza cake and your guests will immediately forgive you for not presenting them with an actual pizza pie!

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