Make The Perfect Tiny Bow With a Fork! Here’s How!

Make The Perfect Tiny Bow With a Fork! Here’s How!

Jamaica Bravo

Decorating for any occasion can be a chore, but there’s nothing more frustrating then when you can’t get the last few little finishing touches quite right. This always happens to me at the last minute, when I’ve spent days getting everything in the house presentable for all my holiday guests, only to realize that I forgot the accent pieces.

For example, when you’re preparing your home for a Christmas party, and you realize you forgot all the colorful ribbons, which really add a little something to the festive cheer in your house. So you go to add green, red or gold, ribbons and bows to all your Christmas fixtures, and can’t quite seem to tie a pretty one to save your life…Ugh! So frustrating!

Luckily for us all, we found this picture tutorial that walks you through how to tie a perfect bow every time, no matter whether it’s for adding to your decorations, or tying together the edges of a gift bag. And the best part, is all you need to do it, are your ribbons and a fork!

Choose a fork with long spokes, especially if you’re using wide ribbons and not thin ones. Weave the ribbon through the tines of a fork. Do the same thing going in the other direction, then in the other, so that at last, you have threaded your cloth in and out of the prongs about five times. Grab your second color of ribbon, and slide it through the very middle hole between the fork tines, right underneath the weaved ribbon above. Then use your second ribbon to tie a little not around the first, pulling the five weaved rows together into a center knot. Then, all you do, is slide the entire thing off your fork, cut the edges of your ribbons to the desired lengths, and voila, you have a perfect little bow!

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