A Mama Cat Adopts Three Abandoned Kittens!

A Mama Cat Adopts Three Abandoned Kittens!

Patrick Dangermond

Sometimes, a terrible tragedy can lead to a blessing that you didn’t realize. Mikey is an 8 month-old cat that recently had kittens.

Unfortunately for Mikey, her kittens were born prematurely and died of weakness. This devastated Mikey who didn’t know what to do with herself.

Luckily, a nearby shelter named Dori’s Darlings had just what she needed: three abandoned kittens looking for an adoptive mother. This is their story.

Mikey was an 8-month-old cat who lost her three kittens at birth. sad-mother-cat-lost-kittens-adopted-mikey-texas-1


When her kittens were born prematurely, she looked all over the house trying to find them. She was depressed and her breasts were full of milk. 



Her owner wanted to help the mother deal with her traumatic loss by adopting three kittens from a nearby shelter. 



She found a shelter in Houston that had three little kittens looking for a home. 



Within 15 minutes of bringing home the kittens, mama was breastfeeding them and they acted like a happy family!


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