Mama Cow Reunites With Her Baby and It’s Incredible!

Mama Cow Reunites With Her Baby and It’s Incredible!

Angela Markus

The bond between a mother and a newborn is a strong emotional attachment. People don’t always believe that animals feel the same emotions toward their young that humans do, but Karma is proof.

When Jay Weiner and Ellie Laks, co-owners of The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, CA, rescued the cow, they didn’t know she had just given birth and had been separated from her calf.

The night-long distressing cries of the new mother were enough to make the rescuers investigate further. They soon realized that Karma was missing her newborn.

The Gentle Barn is a sanctuary dedicated to animal rescue as well as helping children who have endured difficult life circumstances such as abuse, substance abuse, and foster care. Home to 170 animals, its peaceful grounds are intended to mend the hearts of human beings and creatures alike.

Never before has a reunion of animals brought tears to my eyes. As soon as Karma sees the trailer pull up, she desperately makes noises in hopes her baby is inside. The second the baby calf, Mr. Rojas, emerges from the trailer, in poor condition, Karma cries out with such power that it’s hard not become emotional.

Her baby is so stressed and overcome with emotion that he collapses at Mom’s feet before standing up, finally, to nurse.

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