A Man Builds a Primitive Wattle and Daub Hut From Scratch and The Results are AMAZING!

A Man Builds a Primitive Wattle and Daub Hut From Scratch and The Results are AMAZING!

Jamaica Bravo

There has been a recent increase in the popularity of shows and movies based on survival. This recent interest has many people asking themselves if they could survive in the instance of an emergency. It is one thing to survive, it is another thing to survive without the necessities and conveniences that we have all come to depend on. Imagine building a house by hand, let alone with any tools or even shoes. This was the case in this fascinating video.

The video begins with the man painstakingly carving out his hand tools to build the hut. Then with the precision of an architect he begins to lay the foundation for his home. There is no pre-cut wood used in this video. The builder literally cuts down each tree and chops each piece of wood with his homemade hand tools.

One of the most fascinating components of this homemade house building video, is the way the man constructed clay pots, burned them in the fire, and then in turn used the clay pots to transport water to create clay from mud. The new clay is then used as a sod for the house.

Fires were used to build portions of the house and to create tools. The man in this video literally created each fire by hand through the use of friction. These tools were then used to create additional components of the house.

The most surprising aspect of this video is the level of craftsmanship this man displayed with absolutely no tools or supplies. He even crafted a cot inside of the hut for sleep. The result was a well put together tiny house with a wood shingled roof and even a well-constructed fireplace that was painstakingly constructed of wood and clay.

This video is an educational tool in the hands of any novice who wants to learn survival skills. It should be a staple on all survivalist and preparedness websites. Utilizing even half of the procedures taught in this video should build a sturdy and dependable home for any ambitious home builder.

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