He Built a Tiny Home on Wheels For A Beloved Homeless Woman

He Built a Tiny Home on Wheels For A Beloved Homeless Woman

Angela Markus

Sixty-year-old Irene “Smokey” McGee has had some hard times in her life. She has been homeless for most of her life, but despite her struggles, she is loved throughout her community of Jefferson Parks. She’s so loved, a good Samaritan wanted to do something extra special for her. Elvis Summers spent $500 to build a place for Smokey to call her own.  So, he goes on an extraordinary mission to construct her a little home on wheels.

The idea came to Elvis after he heard the stories of people living in tiny houses. He built the house on wheels so Smokey could move it around and  avoid violating any laws.

The house is well built with a shingle style, a tiny door on one side and a wooden window on the other to bring in fresh air. As he was building the home, many people inquired about whether he was renting or selling the house.

One person told Elvis, “I see profit, man.” What he didn’t see was Elvis’ bigger picture, helping a mother in dire need.

Smokey was very appreciative. She even did a little dance when he presented it to her. Do you blame her?

Elvis became so inspired by the work he did for Smokey, he created a GoFundMe account to build more tiny homes. This is surely a cause to donate to.

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