Kind Businessman Buys Food For 400 Soldiers Stranded at The Airport

Kind Businessman Buys Food For 400 Soldiers Stranded at The Airport

Angela Markus

The brave men and women of the armed forces are heaped with praise, respect and gratitude because they risk their lives daily in service to this country. While fallen soldiers are honored with military funerals, and their names are forever etched in history, what about those who are living? While praise and respect are good, much more should be done for them on a daily basis.

Shlomo Rechnitz agrees, and on his way to visit Israel with his family, the Los Angeles businessman came upon 400 U.S. soldiers preparing to eat their pre-packaged dinners during a layover in Shannon, Ireland. So, he decided he wanted to honor them with a good warm meal.

As the regular passengers and friends were all dining at the various trendy restaurants, Rechnitz, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, approached the soldiers’ commander and asked whether he could treat the servicemen to the same. At first the commander said it was unnecessary, but Shlomo insisted, and the commander announced to all the soldiers that they could eat a meal at any restaurant up to $50.

When asked for his reasoning, he addressed the men saying, “You guys risk your lives to protect me and protect my family. If I get to go out and see a whole bunch of Army soldiers and Marines, it’s something that makes me proud. I’m on my way to Israel now and you guys protect them too, and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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