Irish Man Can’t Stay “Specifically” and It’s Hilarious

Irish Man Can’t Stay “Specifically” and It’s Hilarious

Angela Markus

Certain words can be challenging to say.  A YouTube user posted a hilarious video of a man trying (and terribly failing) to say the word “specifically.” No matter how many times he attempts, his tries are futile.

The man in the video name is Tom and instead of saying the word, he offers many different variations of it, all to the delight of the woman filming the clip. After trying to say it at least 15 times, he finally gives up and tells her, who is in hysterics, to “shut it down.” The Northern Irish fella kept at it numerous times, clearly getting frustrated, and although he mutters a few F-bombs as the woman films him, he remains in good humor about her teasing.

In all fairness, specifically is a pretty difficult word to say, and having an accent makes it even more challenging. Pacifically? Sepifically? Sepissifically? Many people often mispronounced the world as ‘pacifically,’ but Tom can’t seem to get it right despite his persistence.

Tommy can’t really be blamed for getting in a muddle because he’s actually trying to pronounce a word that comes from the Latin word “species” so basically he’s speaking a foreign and ancient language.

I feel for Tommy, and now I wonder what other words he cannot pronounce.

Do you have trouble with any words?

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