A Florida Man Catches A Huge Fish From His Kayak!

Man Catches Giant Fish

A Florida Man Catches A Huge Fish From His Kayak!

Patrick Dangermond

If you’ve ever been around a fisherman, you’ve probably heard a million different stories about the one that got away. “It was THIS big!” or “I had him on the ropes!” are usually typical for this type of story. In this day and age, we have the benefit of cameras and cell phones so that we can record what’s going on and get the true story.

A man in Cape Coral, Florida was fishing in his kayak. Florida is known as the “fishing capitol of the world” and you can catch everything from Mahi Mahi to Marlin to Grouper here. This man, however, was able to catch something much bigger.

This┬áman is fighting a fish with all he’s got. I was wondering what he was about to pull up since there are so many fish in Florida. However, I was expecting him to pull up a GIGANTIC fish like that! It is known as the biggest fish ever landed from a kayak in Florida. What an incredible feat!

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