Man Loses 103 Pounds To Join Military

Man Loses 103 Pounds To Join Military

Angela Markus

Steven Harper’s dream was always to join the United States military, but he was a big man, weighing nearly 350 pounds. Every time he would see the commercials advertising the military, he would get excited. But his excitement didn’t last long when he realized his dreams of joining the military would never be achieved if he didn’t change his life.

Steven’s BMI count was too high to become a soldier. But a recruiting officer told Steven that he can come train with a group of potential soldiers at the base. This was enough hope for Steven to grab his running shoes and start achieving his goal, one lap at a time.

He started working out and running every single day. With hard work, determination, and a very vivid dream, Steven managed to drop 130 pounds in a year! Steven had lost an entire person off of himself.



Once he was physically fit enough to defend his country, Steven signed up for the military, offering his new self to the United States of America.

This transformation story proves that anything is possible! If you work hard and try your best you just may achieve your dream- just like Steven Harper!

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