Man Predicts Glacier Will Collapse — And Boy, Was He Right!

Man Predicts Glacier Will Collapse — And Boy, Was He Right!

Jamaica Bravo

Imagine being on a small motorboat in the frozen arctic, floating next to a massive wall of an iceberg when your engine breaks down. The boat slowly backs toward the iceberg, getting dangerously close. Just when the engine starts and you pull away, pieces of ice and snow crack off the berg and crash into the water below. Sounds chilling, right?

That’s what happened to this team, but their worries weren’t over just yet.

As another spray of ice falls, one crew member starts examining the iceberg, and warns the others, “That whole front is going to go down at some point,” as another piece breaks off.

And boy, was he right!

Twenty seconds later the loud cracks are heard coming from the glacier right before it begins to collapse. The crew makes a hasty exit as large pieces of ice fly by by their sides and the waves made by the falling glacier rush toward their tiny vessel.

It’s a adrenaline-rushing moment all captured on film! But thankfully, they manage to get away unharmed.

Talk about a close call!

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