Man Proposes To His Girlfriend on Rollercoaster and Takes Love To New Heights

Man Proposes To His Girlfriend on Rollercoaster and Takes Love To New Heights

Angela Markus

Rollercoaster rides are thrilling. The sudden 90-degree drop and acceleration up to speeds of 60-plus miles per hour is enough for anyone’s heart to palpitate. But for one young man, this was exactly the way he wanted to pop the big question.

20-year-old, Allison Boyle, from Sykesville, Maryland, had no idea what she was in for when she climbed into the a cart of the Voyage roller coaster at the Holiday World theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana, with her boyfriend Austin Crecelius, 21.

Before the couple could get on the ride, they had to wait 15 excruciating minutes because of mechanical issues. But soon the ride was working again. As the coaster ascended to the first of four sharp right-angle drops, Austin launched into his prepared speech to a clearly confused Allison, who kept a suspicious eye on the GoPro.

Austin said, “At one point in time you had mentioned to me that life is like a roller coaster. It’s got its up and downs, it’s got twists and turns, and it even throws you for a loop sometimes. And though you can go by yourself, it’s a lot more fun to go with another person.”

As Austin pulled out a ring, the reality dawned on Allison, who is in complete surprise! 

“So I wanted to ask you if you wanted to be my roller coaster buddy,” said Austin. “Allie will you marry me?”

Allison, bursting into happy tears, held her face in her hands for a moment, seemingly forgetting that she was on a roller coaster, before giving him an assuring nod.

The groom was well prepared though. During the ride, he let everyone know She Said YES! by way of a T-shirt. Once the couple was back on steady ground, Austin revealed one more surprise to his bride-to-be. The ring she was wearing was just a fake, he presented her with a diamond ring the good ole’ fashion way. Smart man. 

Can they be any cuter?

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