Man Reunited With Children He Rescued From The Nazis

Nicholas Winton

Man Reunited With Children He Rescued From The Nazis

Patrick Dangermond

World War 2 was a dreadful time for everyone involved. Without going into the atrocities that were committed, there are many stories from the war that need to be remembered. Like this one. This particular story demonstrates how one brave man literally changed the lives of hundreds of strangers during a time of struggle.

Sir Nicolas Winston is an English legend. He organized the rescue of 669, mostly Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia along a safe route through Europe to England. This courageous expedition was later known as Czech Kindertransport, and Winston was dubbed the “British Schindler,” by British press.

In 1988, the BBC show “That’s Life” chose a unique way to honor him. As Mr. Winston sat in the audience, they read aloud one name, just one of the very many names of people Winston had saved,Vera Diamant. When the host asked if Vera was in the audience, we discover she certainly is. To Winston’s humble surprise, she is sitting right next to him…along with many other of the people that he had worked so hard to save. Mr. Winston could hardly hold back the tears and neither could I.

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