This A Capella Christmas Song Will Give You Chills

This A Capella Christmas Song Will Give You Chills

Jamaica Bravo

This man sung a little-known Christmas song in his local Church for the holiday service, and it’s one of the best things we have ever heard! His name is Peter Hollen and he is such a talented singer that he can keep his pitch right  on target without any instrumental backup.

Hollen sang the entire song a capella and it sounds absolutely amazing. No instruments were even necessary, because the gorgeous sounds coming out of his mouth are perfect all by themselves.

This rendition of “Mary Did You Know” is hauntingly beautiful and is so well done, it could seriously have been played off a professionally recorded CD. This man needs to a record label STAT because his voice is fantastic. He’s not bad to look at either, so we’re fairly confident that he could totally make it in the music business. Hopefully, he gets recognized for his talent and his music career takes off soon, because we really want to purchase his holiday a cappella Christmas album.

We could listen to this voice all year long and not get sick of the holiday songs. That’s how fantastic this singer is. You will not regret the three minutes you spend listening to the recording of “Mary Did You Know” below. Just click play, sit back, and prepared to be awed and inspired.

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