Man Stolen As Baby Reunites With Mother 41 Years Later

Man Stolen As Baby Reunites With Mother 41 Years Later

Heidi Saucier

What should have been the one of the greatest moments of her life became the worst. 41 years ago, Nelly Reyes, a 19-year-old girl in Chili gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Her joy of having a baby quickly turned into sadness when she was told by a nurse her baby was born with a heart condition and was unlikely to survive.

“Hours later they told me he had died,” Reyes said.

Despite pleading with the nurses, Reyes says she was never shown a body and was never given a death certificate.

During the 1970s and 1980s there were stories of children being stolen, most people called it a myth but others knew that it was happening. In Chile, they call them “Children of Silence.” Some babies were stolen and sold.

Today, it is no longer a myth. Authorities now know through numerous investigations that thousands of cases of illegal adoptions took place during this time.

Turns out, Nelly’s baby boy, named Travis Tolliver, ended up living thousands of miles away, being raised in Tacoma, Washington, by a couple who had no knowledge of what had happened. Tolliver says he always knew he was adopted. He started the journey of looking for his birth parents from years of suffering from abandonment issues. Little did he know that his mother didn’t even know he was alive and would never have given him up for adoption.

Tolliver’s courage and determination to find his mother is truly inspirational. Watch the video below to see this incredible reunion and how fate, after 41 years, created a miracle for this mother and son.

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