Ohio Man Wakes Up Blind After Sleeping With Contacts Still On

Ohio Man Wakes Up Blind After Sleeping With Contacts Still On

Erika Carter

Chad Groeschen, a 39-year-old from Ohio, woke up with every contacts wearer’s worst nightmare.

After accidentally falling asleep while wearing his contacts, Groeschen woke up with a nasty eye infection and frighteningly discovered that he was blind in one eye. Apparently, the whole “don’t fall asleep in your contacts or you’ll go blind” thing is not just an old wives tale, after all.

Groeschen was an avid user of extended wear contacts, meaning that he was able to wear them for a month or so at a time. Still, he claims he took out his contacts every week or so. Regardless, he fell victim to Pseudomonas, a bacteria than can grow on contacts that are not properly cleaned.

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Experts warn contact wearers to practice impeccable hygiene and visit a specialist at the first sign of a problem.

As far as Chad Groeschen goes, he is now looking at a very expensive (and painful) surgery to hopefully restore his vision.


Let that be a lesson for contact wearers everywhere! No matter how tired you may be, it is worth taking out your contacts before bed.

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